Reviews: LaDeeDa Doll


When I get a chance to live vicariously through my daughter (I’m kidding…maybe), then I chose to do so in ways like this. After working a bit, I used a little extra to buy her a couple of dolls from the LaDeeDa collection. Aren’t they adorable!?

I first learned about these dolls when we went to a store known for marking down the prices on quality merchandise. The doll was only 10 dollars there, and it was the one you see above in the middle named Tylie. Super cute! And even though the doll’s name is clearly not a reflection of the doll (Kabuki cutie…she’s NOT in kabuki!!!), I’m in love with that collection of them. Apparently, the dolls are best friends that set off to create adorable clothing designs (right up our alley!). Anything that inspires my daughter to love the art of sewing and crafts if a winner for me. Just glad it’s not barbie, and I find these dolls way cuter.


I added to her collection today by buying Cyanne (pictured above) next. They were just the dolls, sans stickers and the extra clothing, so the one pictured has crinkled hair and a slightly different outfit. I suppose the less work they do on the doll, the less it gets to cost. I think that’s nice considering not all girls will be able to buy the really expensive 20-30 dollar doll and might still want to have one. I would have actually gotten her the one pictured above, but I was on my way home from work, popped into a store, and saw those marked down, so I bought them. I think they are actually just as cute irregardless.


The other one I purchased, Dee, is just as adorable. The one pictured above is the flashed-out one. The one I found which is a toned down version doesn’t have the tights, has purple shoes (not two toned), and her hair is only blue and pink, with no oranges or purples. So I purchased two in the “candy” collection, and one from the “around the world” collection. I can’t wait to buy her more.


  • The dolls come in a couple of different makes, so if you don’t want to spend a fortune, you can buy the less expensive dolls.
  • Cheaper and cuter than barbie dolls!
  • Many different styles and collections already available.
  • Inspires girls to love the art of sewing, clothes making and design, and artsy things.
  • Easy to find (Sold at target, Walmart, even the family dollar!)


  • Easy to break (weak joint areas!)
  • Don’t seem to have many changeable clothes accessories, unless you switch their clothes around. In this arena, Barbie reigns supreme…
  • Shoes don’t stay on without the bands! You know the elastic clear bands that come attached to toys to keep parts together? If you take those off, the shoes slid off a bit too easily. Not that kids keep up with them anyway, but still, sad face.

Overall, I like the doll. As far as my bad points, my daughter is quite rambunctious. It’s easy for her to just destroy things. The dolls, while seemingly a bit on the flimsy side at the joints, are holding up well to her abuse. She’s had the Tylie Kabuki Cutie one for about 2 months now, and it’s still holding up pretty well (besides the missing hair umbrella, that’s gone…oh, and the stockings…and the shoes…) The doll itself is still intact however. So while I think the doll could be a bit more sturdy, it seems to do fine with a 3.5 year old little girl. I did see on the official website that the dolls do have other accessories. I just wish there were more, but I do believe the dolls are kind of new (I think I saw 2012 was their official release?) They’ll need time to accrue more clothes, and most likely a bigger following. The shoes…they are so darn cute and they just don’t stay on! I hope that gets fixed soon…

MY GRADE: 7/10

The Bottom Line: This is an excellent gift for girls from 3 all the way up to probably 10 or so. My daughter loves them to death and I’m happy I decided to get them for her. I hope she keeps them for a long time and enjoys them, but as with all toys, they have short lives (mostly because your kid outgrows them!) Since the holidays are fast approaching, I’m hoping to get more of them for her and some accessories. If you’ve got a bit of a fashion bug, then she’ll love this doll. This one does!



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This Blog is my dream :)

Hi everyone!

As I’m sure you have noticed, there have been no posts in…days (gasp!) BUT I have started a job in which I hope will lead to a much higher position, so I can pour my soul into this blog for you and create a place were you can be obsessed about things with me.

I keep coming on here and writing, and writing. I probably have about 5 or 6 posts that are partially complete. Most just need some pictures and a bit of editing. Then there is of course my website in general. It needs some tlc too. I have just been busy learning the ropes, resting, and of course waking up in the early mornings with my 3 month old and telling my 3 1/2 year old that wake up time is not at 3 am when her brother wakes up. This, of course, has left me with very little time to actually write like I want to and finish up the finer details.


I have NOT abandoned the blog. I am still going to be writing. But for about a week or two, there may be a low number of posts that I actually get put up. I know I’m brand new and I want to encourage people to still come to my blog and enjoy what I have to share. So please check back with me. Things at my new job will begin to pick up steam soon as I learn more about it and get out of newbie mode. I literally only am working this job to enhance and better this blog 🙂

So anyway, as of right now, I’d like to thank all my followers, people who have liked and favorited my posts and comments, and people who have commented on the blog. I appreciate you making me feel confident in what I can accomplish here. I’d also like to just thank my visitors in general, even if all you did was read or visit a page, thanks for giving me the time of day.

Stay posted ^_^


Fabric Play Cubes- Part 1


So, if you’ve seen my Pinterest at all, you’ll notice that I pinned some cute play cubes from The Ribbon Retreat.

Check them out here. (My Pinterest- Please support ^_^)

And here. (The Ribbon Retreat’s Tutorial)

Each side will have different fabric. I thought about doing each side a different texture so he had some touch style sensory help and not just visual, but for now I’m just going to do some in cotton. He’ll like holding them and putting them in his mouth and stuff like that. You can make them pretty much any size, but I think I’m going to make them about 5 inches all around. I even got the wise idea that you could make them in other shapes besides squares, like rectangles, even pyramids and spheres! But for now we’re just going to do basic cubes. I have tasked my husband with finding some crinkly stuff, some bells, anything else that will make squeezing them feel different.

I’M SO EXCITED! This is the first sewing project I’ve gotten to do since my pregnancy (mostly because I’ve been too bleary eyed to focus on sewing) but now I’m back on it.

Check back soon to see the progress I’ve made. I’m starting tonight and I’ll take pictures of the process, my successes and failures (there are always failures 😦 ) and the outcome of course!

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I’m completely conflicted when it comes to my eating habits. It’s a confession I am loathed to make, but whatever. I guess it’s what has held me back so often when I try to get fit.

I’m kind of what I like to call a part-time-pseudo-paleo/primal dieter. I love bread and pasta too much to commit. When it comes to the paleo diet, I love milk and beans to much to fully commit. I set a few rules for myself though:

1. SEVERELY limit the amount of processed carbs you intake: I will not eat very many carbs during the day, but I do eat them. I try to substitute them when I can.

2. Sweets are an occasional treat: I rarely eat them. Neither does my daughter. Husband could care less about sweets. I do like to eat them with my eyes though, but I’m not usually suckered into eating sweets often.

3. No sodas, limit juice intake, try to drink more water: I have soda from time to time, which goes totally against everything I just said in the rule. But I drink maybe a grand total of 3-4 a month. So basically a soda a week. Problem is I live with soda lovers and that is why it is sometimes hard to adhere to the no soda rule completely.

4. Eat more fish, red meats, and vegetables: This isn’t hard to do at all. It just makes things so much better.

So when I say conflicted, I suppose I mean this:

  • I like juice, but shouldn’t drink too much of it, but drink more than I know I should anyway.
  • I love bread. It’s a weakness. Spaghetti? Bread is a must. I also love biscuits, bready sweets, and french toast sticks (a bready sweet?).
  • Sometimes, my husband relapses hard, and my daughter I’m still trying to wean from our bad habits. Then I relapse and justify it because “They did it”. I know, slap my wrist.

I’ve been more serious this time though. Though I admit a slight binge on some Little Caesars yesterday.


You are the devil.

But now, it’s back to trying not to go back on that route. I did find one recipe that I would love to try right now though. I pinned it and I think I need to do something about it pronto because it’s calling my name and that is:

Low Carb Shrimp Scampi with Zucchini Pasta

Delicious ❤

I honestly thought I’d miss pasta when I started using Zucchini, but not so much 🙂 I actually find that it tastes better sometimes. I will be attempting this for a dinner one night near in the future, so please keep an eye out for that post! I can just feel that this will be a good one!

Maybe one day I’ll get courageous, organized, and determined enough to go straight Primal (which I prefer over Paleo). But for now, I’m taking baby steps.


She wanted To Play Dress Up

photo (6)

You know the wonderful thing about having a daughter? They tend to enjoy dressing up and being girly like mom if she’s into it. And this one absolutely loves dressing up. I started getting her wardrobe together for fall a bit ago, and she’s been so excited to start wearing all the new pretty clothes, though honestly it’s still just a bit too hot during the day here to break out the new wardrobe just yet. It’s dipping into the 50’s at night, but it’s still hitting well over 80 during the day.

So I made a deal with her. We’d let her pick out a few things and play around to see what we could come up with and then it would be the first outfit she’d wear when it got cool enough. This is what she came up with:

photo (7)

Sans Coat. Sans Shoes.

Like I’ll probably say a million times here, I’m a budget shopper by nature because the more I budget, the more I get out of my money. That doesn’t mean I sacrifice style and quality. I thoroughly do my research and my personal shopping before I buy something. I also tend to lurk on Amazon…for weeks.

The dress is actually from Walmart. It was only $6.94. The tights are from Target and came in a pack of two for $5.00. The hairbow is actually mine…she’s just been wanting to wear it so I let her. I got it on sale at the Icing for $2.00 in a pack of three of them.

photo (1) photo (3)

Absolutely adorable bow. Tights are surprisingly sturdy!

Her coat I got from a consignment shop for just $6.00. That one made me proud. The necklace is from Forever 21 and was $1.80. They don’t really last too long, but they are adorable and for so cheap, you can buy a variety of them for your daughter to wear without feeling sad when they get broken, misplaced, wrapped around something random, or just plain thrown away.

photo (4) photo (2)

Buying consignment or second hand on stuff like the coats helps me to get more of them so I can make multiple outfits.

We haven’t decided on what shoes to buy yet. I’m sure I’ll want her to have a pair of boots, a pair of flats, and a couple of pairs of active shoes…we’re kind of picky about our tennis shoes around here. She does yoga with me, so I’m hoping to find a place where we can get a pair of yogi socks kiddie size, and we need to get her some new active wear. She’s full of energy. Being a ballerina and yoga lover is a lot of work for a kid, but she just never seems to lose the energy. She could do it all day.

photo photo (5)

Smiling big!

She really liked this outfit. So do I, and I’m wondering now if she’s got a better fashion sense than me! I think she’s definitely got an eye for what she wants to do though. She always makes me so proud in so many ways.


Leg Wear = Fall/Winter Must Have

I’ve always loved tights and stockings. They can take an outfit from boring to fantastic in a second and they can make so many outfits you’ll start to wonder why you wear jeans.

Here I’ve listed some awesome ways to wear tights so you can look cute and trendy for Fall and Winter:

1. Patterned/Lacy Tights

medium_4236278556 (1),

Don’t put up your shorter dresses just yet! You can make them even more wonderful for the fall months by adding some patterned tights!

Occasion: I would suggest these for your more formal get ups. That cocktail dress you wore to a get together during the spring might still be a go to garment in the fall for other occasions by adding the right jacket, blazer, or trench coat and a pair of these babies. An awesome pair of tights to try might be these from Modcloth. Super cute and affordable.

2. Colored Tights


You don’t have to be washed out during the fall months. Add a pop of color to your outfit instantly by investing in a few different colored tights and you can also create a new outfit in a split second by just switching up the colors and coordinating different accessories. Definitely can help save some coin during the most expensive seasons to dress for!

Occasion: Usually, these are reserved for being casual, but the right colors, like deep plums, rich reds, and even mustard can be work appropriate. They can go formal as well when you go for particular tones. The best thing about colored tights is that they change with you, so invest in colors you’ll use often! Believe it or not, Walmart has some great color choices for not too much strain on the wallet. Check them out!

3. Thigh Highs


A lot of people find thigh highs a bit hard to work with, but when worn properly, these socks do wonders for an outfit. They are best used in Fall and early Spring. Word of advice: If you want to wear thigh highs properly, make sure you are wearing them where they are intended to stop. I thought thigh highs weren’t fitting me properly at one point and cried over my full thighs forever prohibiting me from wearing them…turns out I was pulling them up too high! Also, sometimes a garter belt may be a necessary evil(?) since they tend to have the issue of rolling down. They do take a bit of experience to wear and a good bit of shopping around for the right ones for you.

Occasion: Thigh highs are usually not good to wear to work, or to formal events. In fact, they can easily be a bit more…ahem…private in nature when worn wrong. If you want to wear thigh highs, you should reserve them for your more casual outfits. Also, wearing lacy-topped thigh highs with your outfits is typically a no-no… Check out these tights at Macy’s made by Free People. SUPER cute, warm looking, and a few different colors to choose from!

4. Knee High Socks


A newly discovered favorite of mine, Knee highs have quite a few uses. Like above, you can layer them over other tights and play with the different patterns on them, they can be functional, or they can stand alone with an outfit. I like when I find a good layered look with these. Be careful though! They can easily look quite bad when worn with the wrong shoes, or the wrong bottoms. I would advise against going the traditional mary jane route, or getting the school girl look by pairing them with flats. Stick with boots and heels.

Occasion: Layering with knee highs can end up being too fussy for work or special occasions, so they are best reserved for casual outfits! These from Buckle look great for layering, and they have many other options as well!

Play around with other types of bottoms to get more out of your fall and winter wardrobes besides the typical jeans, long tees, and uninspiring puffy jackets. You can actually save quite a bit of money going the tights route as well by adding items from prior seasons into your fall/winter wardrobe because of the addition of tights since jeans tend to be quite expensive! And don’t forget: Wash your tights and your thinner leggings in a lingerie bag to prevent damage to them and make them last longer!

What are some other types of leg wear you can think of that really bring a Fall/Winter outfit to life? Comment below!

Have fun lovelies!


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Sewing confessions #1: Pattern Junkie

Okay, so I just got back from Hancock’s a few hours ago, and I realize something about myself:

I will always and forever want to collect more patterns than I can realistically start at any one time.

There. I said it. Now don’t judge me!

Being a stay at home mom, the family sometimes makes sacrifices. And though I am trying to re-enter the workforce in my own kind of way, that takes time when you’ve had two children and a few life-threatening scares. That sometimes means it isn’t always in the budget to just randomly buy sewing patterns.

At one time, I did have the money to just splurge and buy pattern after pattern, sale or not. Alas, those are days I look back fondly on. I started trying to learn to draft patterns because of that, but…that takes a bit of investment as well. I’d say I have what you might call a beginners sewing starter kit, but I’ve got enough patterns to supply a seasoned professional.

Then of course I grin when I come back and see that I’ve got patterns for the “next season” and I can just pick up right where I left off, then I go to buy my fabric and…I veer off into the patterns section *sigh*

One day I vow to complete a piece with every pattern I own, but until then, I will probably just go and buy pattern after pattern and stare fondly at them thinking I’ll finish a product sooner or later with them.